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6 Step Fertilization Program

Every lawn is different and no one formula works for every environment, but I have designed a program that is tailored to the South Jersey area to achieve the best results possible. Each application includes spot treatments for broadleaf weeds.

Step 1
Application of crabgrass pre-emergent with a low Nitrogen fertilizer to allow for quick Spring green up
Step 2
Broadleaf weed control with application of a Humic supplement which activates several beneficial biological and environmental responses in the plant and soil
Step 3
Second application of crabgrass pre-emergent to sustain control of grassy weeds through the hot summer months
Step 4
Surface feeding insect control and optional grub control blended with a potassium boost to help fight lawn disease
Step 5
Higher Nitrogen Turf fertilizer to promote new growth and recovery from Summer stress
Step 6
High Nitrogen Winter fertilizer designed to store up in grass plant cells to be released in Spring for fast green up and Winter recovery

Sedge & Green Kyllinga Control

Yellow Nutsedge and Green Kyllinga are both members of the Sedge Weed classification. Spreading via mowers, animals and wind, these invasive weeds have become an increasingly difficult problem to manage in the South Jersey area. With a series of strategic applications, our Sedge & Kyllinga program is designed to stop the spread of these weeds and eliminate them from your lawn.

Yellow Nutsedge Weeds

Yellow Nutsedge

Green Kyllinga Weeds

Green Kyllinga

Tick & Mosquito Control

Eliminating ticks and mosquitoes is important to help significantly reduce the chances of you or a loved one contracting a serious virus like Lyme Disease or the Zika Virus, which are transmitted by these insects. We utilize an all-natural mosquito, tick and flea spray that is safe for your family as well as beneficial insects.


Aeration & Seeding

Core aeration is one of the most important things you can have done to your lawn each season. It is important to the health and vigor of your lawn for several reasons: The first is the reduction of soil compaction, and the second is the increase of air, water and nutrients to the roots of your grass.

Using a Certified Blue Tag blend of Cool Season grass seed, yearly seeding is important to promote new growth and repair damage left by Summer stress. Combined with Aeration, Blue Tag Seeding will give you the lawn you and your family can enjoy all year around.

Core Aeration Lawn Aeration
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